Garden Education & Coaching


I offer garden coaching and consulting services.


If you are designing (or redesigning) your garden yourself but need some additional advice and opinions, I can meet with you for a consultation. We’ll walk your garden together to discuss your ideas & wishes. I will offer my suggestions, ideas, & advice for your design as well as for individual plant selections. 


If you want to do your own gardening, but you feel you need someone to show you the ropes around the garden & get you started, I can coach you.  I'll work with you on how to get started, what needs to be done, & how to do it.  I can also offer design ideas, plant selection ideas, & maintenance tips.  We will work together, side-by-side, in the garden.


Garden Talks and Speaking


Is your club, group or organization looking for a presentation on a garden or landscaping topic?  I have spoken on a number of topics such as “Color in the Garden”, “Garden Lessons Learned the Hard Way” and “Native Plants for your Garden”.  However, I always customize my presentation to the topic about which you want to learn.  My approach in talking is always to make the information simple, fun & accessible to everyone.
Additionally, I often teach garden workshops at the Montclair Adult School during the spring & fall.  Click on the “Upcoming Events” tab to see my upcoming workshops.